Advancing with DomainMCF

An exploration company in Canada found that Maptek domain modelling technology provided a faster way to uncover the resource potential of a gold project.

Accurate data interpretation

An open cut mine in Queensland maximised coal recovery through accurate data interpretation and structural modelling using measurement-while-drilling data.

Face mapping underground

A customised Maptek Vulcan underground face mapping solution helps acquire critical geological information for production modelling at a Nevada gold mine.

Solution Spotlight

The quest for speed

Maptek continually implements new approaches to processing to enhance the performance of software applications.

First quarter 2024 software releases

A tranche of software releases will drop in the first months of 2024 and will be available for download in Maptek Account.

Support to achieve career goals

Access to Maptek online training, solution licences and support helps young mining professionals in Africa to achieve their goals.

Interns learn on the job

University of Adelaide students affirm that Maptek offers positive internship experiences, rounding out their coursework and helping them prepare for fulfilling careers.