Enhanced geology and mine design in Vulcan 2020

Wednesday, August 5th, 2020

Desktop tools that enable mining professionals to interact with their data are the building blocks upon which Maptek innovation was founded. Almost 40 years on from the early borehole modelling tools, Maptek has this week released Vulcan 2020, featuring integrated geology and optimised mine design. 

Today Vulcan is populated with functionality that provides holistic benefits to modern mining operations. These translate into increased productivity for specific applications – such as geological modelling, automated mine design and grade control – as well as improvement to the mining business in terms of cost efficiencies, where examples include drillhole optimisation and dynamic reserving. 

New in Vulcan 2020, Vulcan Drillhole Optimiser helps exploration projects, open pit and underground operations to confidently develop infill drilling plans that maximise resource recovery. With Drillhole Optimiser geologists can accurately assess multiple scenarios and budgets taking into account existing drilling, locations and resource classifications. Operations see tangible results in greater orebody confidence, fewer wasted drillholes and improved cost-effectiveness.

Dynamic pit design is the goal of the Automated Pit Designer enhanced in Vulcan 2020. Engineers experience a dramatically improved pit design process, reducing the time to proceed from pit optimisation outputs to an actual pit design complete with ramps.

End of period reconciliation of volumes is now easier than ever with the updated open pit Compliance tool. Automatic comparison of multiple surfaces against solids helps planners identify how closely short and mid-term plans have been followed. 

Automated pit design delivers the most dynamic mine design experience

Dynamic reserving is a fast, interactive feature that displays reserve information for nominated regions on the fly. Vulcan users can get basic or advanced reports, charts and fast reserves simply by picking a solid.

Digital processes and increased automation are key enablers for future mining success, according to  Maptek Group Product Manager for Mine Planning, Jesse Oldham. 

‘The focus on how effectively material is moved has well and truly shifted to technologies that help acquire, manage and process data efficiently to generate value.’

‘The new crop of geologists and mining engineers has different expectations of the tools at their disposal,’ Oldham added. ‘They want to push and extend technology to the limits, using the workflows and automations to do the manual data work so they can spend their time on high-end tasks such as interpretation and analysis.’

‘Maptek is driving a renewed focus on interoperability between applications, rather than recreating a similar capability in each product suite. This gives customers access to superior functionality that represents the most effective, productive and integrated approach to tackling a problem.’

‘Centralised data plays a fundamental role in the digitalisation process. The greatest benefit is found in the ability to connect information in order to find the “signal within the noise”. The digital approach allows previously hidden data relationships to be identified and exploited.’

Hear from Maptek Group Product Manager – Mine planning, Jesse Oldham why miners should use Vulcan 2020

‘Our technological innovations are matched by the way we enable the use of them from anywhere,’ reflected Oldham.

‘The disruption arising from COVID-19 challenged Maptek, like most organisations, to think differently.’ 

‘We were well positioned to quickly enable cloud-based licensing when customer infrastructure proved inadequate,’ said Oldham. ‘One company had people stranded on the other side of the world when travel restrictions came into effect. Maptek helped them get online and fast-track access to the software they needed to work remotely.’

‘Miners stick with Maptek because they know we keep our solutions updated, and because of our exceptional service and support.’

To ensure Maptek development strategies remain aligned with customer needs, a new Maptek Product Management structure was put in place in early 2020. 

‘Our new framework means more effective touch points for gathering customer feedback. It’s early days but we’re already seeing the mutual benefits,’ said Oldham.

With almost 4 decades of commitment to technology research and development, Maptek continues to deliver practical solutions that add value to mines. 

‘We’re excited to help our customers transition to Vulcan 2020, and we can all look forward to more impressive developments on the geology and mine planning technology roadmap,’ Oldham concluded.

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