New annotate scans improves survey practices

Monday, August 12th, 2019

The ability to overlay georeferenced CAD lines and surfaces and annotate scans live in the field on the Maptek handheld scanner controller allows surveyors and geologists to improve their work practices.

These new capabilities help close the loop between plans and as-builts by giving a live guide to survey coverage, ensuring all the required scans are taken in one session.

The modern, digital approach enhances the interpretation of survey data and reduces the need for manual data entry and potential for mistakes arising from it.

Maptek Mine Measurement Product Manager James Howarth says the new functionality has been introduced in the scanner controller of the Maptek R3 series 3D laser scanners on the back of user requests.

‘The whole idea is to assist users while they’re in the field,’ Howarth says.

‘They want to spend as little time as possible in active mining areas where it’s potentially dangerous.

‘These tools assist them to get out in the field, capture their data, make sure that data is meaningful and get back into the office quickly.’

The georeferenced CAD lines and surfaces can be imported directly from PointStudio, while the annotated scans can be extracted from the scanner controller and viewed and edited in the software.

Users can add up to 10 annotations to each scan, including CAD lines and text, view them in 3D and toggle the visibility on and off in the field.

Laser scanning underground for survey and geological mapping is easier than ever than with the SR3 scanner and its bespoke underground light, which were also recently released.

The SR3 has a 600-metre range laser. A scan window of -40° to 90° vertically and 360° horizontally captures all surfaces in any direction without the need for complicated configurations.

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