Maptek SR3 Laser Scanner


Maptek SR3 laser scanner is a new short range laser scanner designed for underground survey and mapping applications. It combines fast accurate sensing, dedicated mount accessories and powerful modelling software for improving overall productivity and safety underground.

The SR3 is 30% smaller and 25% lighter, with 2.5 times faster data acquisition than the earlier Maptek 8200 series. The system is protected to IP65 for reliable operation in rugged environments. It complements the long range XR3 and LR3 laser scanners, which were released in 2017.

The system is protected to IP65 for reliable operation in rugged underground environments. An optional internal 147MP HDR panoramic camera produces superior digital imagery for geotechnical analysis and high impact visualisation.

Rugged hardware and specialised accessories combine with powerful modelling and dedicated processing software to deliver a safe solution for underground survey applications. The Maptek SR3 laser scanner handles measuring voids, drives, and tunnels with ease. It has the versatility to handle interior silo survey and stockpile measurements.

A scan window of 130° vertically, and 360° horizontally captures roofs and walls in tunnels and underground drives without the need for complicated configurations. Whatever the orientation of the scanner, integrated levelling automatically corrects scans before processing.

New functionality on the tablet controller allows users to import mine CAD strings and surfaces to view together with scans. For the first time, surveyors will be able to log onto any web enabled device and conduct a scan remotely.

System features

  • 25% lighter
  • 30% smaller
  • Range from 1-600m
  • 200kHz and 100kHz acquisition rates
  • High dynamic range panoramic camera (optional)
  • Snapshot imagery
  • Selectable multi-point returns
  • View CAD data on scans
  • Web-enabled remote survey control

Hallmark features

  • Range accuracy of 4mm
  • Repeatability of 3mm
  • IP65 protected for tough conditions
  • Automated, streamlined survey registration
  • All standard controls integrated in a quality design
  • Class 1 red laser pointer
  • Flexible configuration to suit your survey applications
  • Production facility with ISO 9001 quality certification

Reasons to use

  • Hardware designed for tough underground mining environments
  • Ergonomic design for safe handling and easy setup
  • Integrated, easy to use survey workflow
  • Boom for extension into stopes, caverns and hard to reach places
  • Mount scanner to vehicle, boom and hand trolley
  • Hardware and software developed concurrently
  • Multiple scans queued for maximum field efficiency
  • Safely view interior of stopes through scan preview
  • Simple data transfer via USB memory stick
  • Transform point cloud to model in minutes
  • Geotechnical analysis with specialised PointStudio module
  • Compatible with Maptek Sentry and Maptek PerfectDig
  • Enjoy Maptek technical support and warranty protection


  • Stope and drive survey
  • Geological mapping of development headings
  • 3D mapping of underground workings
  • Rock bolt identification
  • Pre and post-shotcrete analysis
  • Geotechnical/kinematic analysis
  • Safety offset modelling
  • Stockpile reconciliation
  • Design conformance

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