Maptek PointStudio

Open pit monitoring

Maptek Sentry helps improve pit safety by early detection of highwall, bench and slope movements

Sentry is a laser-based monitoring system with integrated software to monitor and analyse surface movement over time.

Operations can customise monitoring frequency and notification thresholds. Multiple zones can be monitored within an area of interest and laser scan data is also available for measuring and analysing rock falls.

Absolute monitoring allows laser scanners to be used for other survey tasks and returned to the same fixed position to maintain monitoring history. Sentry can be operated continuously for monitoring 24 hours a day.

Sentry is compatible with the R3 series laser scanners

Open pit monitoring applications

  • Deploy survey hardware to monitor wall movement and stability
  • Identify movement across multiple zones and set notification thresholds
  • View data in real time for predicting potential failures
  • Identify movement and conduct geotechnical analysis for risk management
  • Use laser scan data for survey applications and geotechnical analysis
  • Quantify rock fall volumes and maintain geotechnical database
  • Display moving areas as a velocity, inverse velocity or displacement graph
  • Generate a 3D digital terrain model from point cloud data
  • More cost effective than alternative monitoring systems