Tailings Dam monitoring

Maptek solutions help improve safety by early detection of movement in tailings dam structures

Maptek laser-based monitoring solutions allow safe, remote survey of tailings dam highwalls and environs. Stability analysis can be conducted for monitoring risk and planning remedial action.

Laser scan monitoring provides a safe and reliable solution for mapping tailings dams. Monitoring allows close management of the integrity of structures and reporting for regulatory compliance.

The Sentry monitoring system allows operations to identify movements and analyse deformation trends. Wall monitoring data enables operations to gain a better understanding of how materials behave during excavation. Laser scan data is combined with sophisticated Sentry software to track, analyse and monitor changes over time.

Sentry is compatible with the R3 series laser scanners


  • Reliable and repeatable monitoring of dam highwall and environs
  • Apply 3D topographic model to hydrographic modelling and failure simulations
  • Scan tailings storage facilities, capturing structures and surrounding areas
  • Conduct deformation analysis and plan mitigation work
  • Identify changes in moisture and identify seepage as predictor of potential failure
  • Maintain audits of the integrity of structures for regulatory reporting
  • Diagnostic tracking for informed decision making and risk management

The Maptek difference

  • Laser scanning solutions systems for monitoring stability
  • Identify movement, monitor multiple zones and set notification thresholds
  • Extremely detailed data enables advanced modelling and stability analysis
  • Deploy laser scanner for monitoring and site survey applications
  • Monitoring walls and structures 24 hours a day
  • Operates in low light for nighttime and underground monitoring
  • Animations and graphical reporting guide future monitoring