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About Maptek

Maptek™ is a global provider of innovative software, hardware and services for mining. Founded almost 40 years ago, Maptek offers a unique combination of domain knowledge, technical expertise and engineering resources. We develop leading edge systems to collect, analyse and circulate critical information within the operational cycle, closing the loop between planning, production and results. Reliable solutions allow customers to improve safety, productivity and profitability.


About Maptek (140 words)

Founded almost 40 years ago, Maptek™ is a leading provider of innovative software, hardware and services for global mining. Maptek products are used at more than 2000 sites in over 75 countries, with solutions across the mining cycle from exploration to reclamation. Vulcan™ is the premier 3D mine planning and modelling package. An integrated solution for 3D spatial survey and imaging is delivered through laser scanners and PointStudio™. Sentry is a laser-based system for monitoring slope stability, surface convergence and subsidence. Evolution provides strategic and tactical scheduling and optimisation tools. BlastLogic™ is intelligent 3D drill and blast management software. DomainMCF applies machine learning to rapidly generate resource models. The Eureka™ environment is ideal for visualising and interpreting geophysical and seismic data. PerfectDig provides a platform for design conformance. CaveLogic™ strategic simulation tools help identify economic, safe panel caving scenarios.


About Maptek (250 words)

Maptek has been developing 3D mining technology for nearly 40 years, helping mining companies worldwide to maximise the use of their technical data. Maptek solutions are in use at more than 2000 sites in over 75 countries, supported by professional and technical services from a worldwide network of 12 offices.

Maptek products include:

Maptek Vulcan™ - feature-rich 3D mine planning and modelling software hosted on the Maptek Workbench. Vulcan provides an integrated solution for survey, geological modelling, mine design, geotechnical studies, mine planning, optimisation and scheduling.

Maptek DomainMCF - machine learning and cloud processing is applied to generate domain boundaries directly from drillhole sample data. Users obtain domain or grade models in dramatically less time than traditional resource modelling methods.

Maptek Evolution - strategic and tactical mine planning tool for scheduling and optimisation in open cut mines. Develop medium, long term and life of mine development plans and production schedules for profitable operations.

Maptek BlastLogic™ - intelligent 3D drill and blast management software helps operations track and improve drill and blast performance to maximise the recovery of minerals.

Maptek Scanners - integrated hardware and software systems for 3D laser scanning, survey and high-resolution imaging. Ease of set up, portability, rapid and safe data acquisition, and powerful, in-built modelling and analysis tools are hallmarks of our laser scanning technology.

Maptek PointStudio™ - powerful software hosted on the Maptek Workbench for processing, modelling, analysing and reporting spatial datasets. Surveyors, geologistics and geotechnical engineers can deliver accurate measurement data and analytical reports to guide operations.

Maptek Sentry - versatile laser-based monitoring system for monitoring and analysing surface movement. Identifying trends allows better understanding of failures and helps plan safety measures to manage operational risk.

Maptek Eureka™ - exploration software provides an interactive 3D environment for visualising and interpreting geophysical and seismic data hosted on the Maptek Workbench.

Maptek PerfectDig - an easy-to-use system for rapidly evaluating design conformance. Quickly compare as-builts with designs in the field and make real-time decisions that optimise equipment deployment and meet safety objectives.

Maptek CaveLogic™ - strategic approach to panel cave mining allows planners to generate production plans alongside economic schedules. Visualising results dynamically improves communication and provides confident decision support.



About Maptek Vulcan™ (100 Words)

Maptek™ is a global company, developing high technology solutions for more than 30 years, helping mining companies make the most of their data. Maptek Vulcan™ is the premier 3D mine planning and modelling package. Some 7000 licenses of Vulcan are active across the globe for applications ranging from exploration and geological modelling, to mine design, planning, and rehabilitation. Maptek Vulcan is in use at more than 1700 sites worldwide, aided by technical support from a global network of 13 offices.



About Maptek DomainMCF (100 Words)

Maptek DomainMCF is a powerful machine learning application designed to rapidly generate orebody models from drillhole sample data. Using secure, high performance cloud computing, DomainMCF processes and validates large volumes of data to produce models in a fraction of the time traditional techniques take. Effective for most deposit types, it delivers repeatable, reliable results, allowing resource models to be regenerated quickly with updated data. As an automated machine learning approach to domain modelling that reduces manual data work, DomainMCF allows geologists to focus on applying their professional expertise to the interpretation and evaluation of results and support investment opportunities through prompt project evaluation and stakeholder reporting.



About Maptek Evolution (100 Words)

Maptek™ Evolution is strategic and tactical mine planning and optimisation tool for scheduling open pit operations. It produces short, medium, long term and holistic life of mine schedules which reduce operating costs and maximise value. This enterprise level scheduling solution uses grade cut-off techniques, a proven method for maximising project value. Further savings are achieved by optimising haulage fleet and waste landforms. Benefits include deferred capital expenditure, minimised clearance costs, and improved waste planning. Evolution delivers systematic production schedules along with a practical development plan, taking into account multiple objectives. It is an agile, dynamic solution for targeting complex, real world mining projects.



About Maptek BlastLogic™ (100 Words)

Maptek™ has been developing high technology solutions for the global mining industry for more than 30 years. Maptek BlastLogic™ is a comprehensive drill & blast decision support system which improves accountability, efficiency and safety. Developed with industry, BlastLogic provides a 3D environment for all users to validate, design and analyse drill & blast parameters to optimise performance and minimise ore loss.  All personnel from drill crews to management have immediate access to critical data, including supported drill navigation systems. BlastLogic pre-empts risk, productivity and cost issues before they emerge in the business.



About Maptek Scanners (100 Words)

Maptek laser scanners are integrated hardware and software systems for 3D spatial data captureand and high-resolution imaging. The systems are lightweight, compact and ergonomically designed to make field work as efficient as possible. Ease of set up, portability, rapid and safe data acquisition, and powerful, in-built modelling and analysis tools are hallmarks of our laser scanning technology. A built-in high dynamic range panoramic camera generates sharp images for geotechnical analysis, geological mapping and high impact visualisation of scenes. Snapshot imagery is another standout feature. Maptek scanners are deployed in dedicated hardware-software solutions for design conformance and stability monitoring.



About Maptek PointStudio™ (100 Words)

Maptek PointStudio™ offers all the tools to successfully apply 3D point cloud data to survey, geotechnical and engineering tasks within the mining, quarry and civil engineering industries. Dedicated workflows and reporting options improve efficiency and productivity for both surface and underground operations. The intuitive ribbon interface allows surveyors, geologists and geotechnical engineers to complete tasks efficiently. Easily configurable reporting workflows and templates ensure results can be delivered to meet planning deadlines and aid decision making. Outstanding processing power easily handles large datasets. PointStudio is delivered on the Maptek Workbench for interoperability with other Maptek applications.



About Maptek Sentry (100 Words)

Maptek™ Sentry is a laser-based system for monitoring, analysing and reporting on rapid and gradual surface movements that have the potential to interrupt mining projects. Sentry is quick and simple to setup and operate. Operations can customise monitoring frequency and thresholds to meet design and planning needs. Identifying trends in slope stability and analysing the mechanics of wall failures improves strategic risk management. Sentry is ideal for recording the points of origin and landing of rock falls. Updating rock fall databases helps reduce rockfall risk in the vicinity of highwall toes, and data can be exported into PointStudio™ for volume calculations.



About Maptek Eureka™ (100 Words)

Maptek™ specialises in developing powerful 3D visualisation software to help mining  professionals better understand their data. Maptek Eureka™ brings together large geospatial datasets for viewing, and provides modelling and analysis tools to help exploration geologists identify a potentially economic mineral resource. Eureka can visualise data from gravity, magnetic and other geophysical survey techniques. Viewing the responses of this data in the same space as the seismic and drilling data, provides additional information to correlate the resource models. Eureka includes tools for drawing, georeferencing imagery, drillhole editing, surface modelling, surface arithmetic and contouring.



About Maptek PerfectDig (100 Words)

Maptek™ PerfectDig is an easy-to-use system for rapidly comparing as-builts with designs in the field to support real-time decision making. The augmented reality system presents enhanced photographs of the mine environment coloured with 3D design conformance information, enabling immediate, intuitive understanding by engineers, surveyors, supervisors and operators. Users can turn layers on and off to see site tolerances, volumes and distances, with results viewed on any web browser. Excavation progress can be monitored, a digital audit trail can be maintained, and adjustments can identified for better design conformance. PerfectDig promotes efficient allocation of resources and results in improved wall stability and safety.



About Maptek CaveLogic (100 Words)

Maptek CaveLogic™ helps operations to simulate the optimum underground mass subsidence mining scenario based on their economic and geotechnical requirements. A strategic, intuitive approach to panel caving delivers multiple benefits. Engineers can test various scenarios on the desktop to find the best option before mining begins. Transparent calculations and 3D visualisation of results reduces uncertainty and promotes informed decision making. Generation of practical production plans in the same process as strategic schedules tightens integration between planning and operations. Repeatable, auditable results help mining companies meet KPIs around safety, efficiency and productivity and deliver sustainable shareholder value.



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