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Jake Anderson - Geologist - April 16, 2019

Embrace exploration data to maximize exploration programs

Exploration drilling is critical to the success of your mine, regardless of commodity. It is also a hefty monetary investment.

During this stage, a vast amount of information is gathered on the potential economic material. This data is then used to inform resource models that can make or break the success of downstream mining activities. (more…)

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Caitlin Cerra - Marketing Content Specialist - April 11, 2019

60 seconds with Maureen Moore | Senior Geologist & Training Program Lead

Here at Maptek, our people are our greatest asset. In an effort to share their expertise and passion, once a month we highlight one exceptional team member to give you a chance to get to know that person (and Maptek as a whole) a little bit better.

In this month’s instalment of 60 seconds with, meet Maureen Moore out of our office in Denver, Colorado. (more…)

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Steve Sullivan - Senior Technical Sales Specialist - April 2, 2019

Access to the latest technologies and innovations allow you to create superior 3D interpretations and build more accurate geological models. Advanced technological developments, including sophisticated laser scanning systems and enhanced sensor devices that capture data at different zones and depths, provide greater flexibility and precision in building scenario visualisations and make further progress in software engineering and science.


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Chris Green - Leader of Strategic Innovation - March 27, 2019

Mining companies must leverage a new relationship between humans and computers. Maptek Leader of Strategic Innovation, Chris Green discusses the benefits.

Management is aware that people throughout organisations are energetically pursuing new techniques and technologies within their specific domains of expertise. But does it add up to a strategy that will continue to contribute to an environment where savings are becoming harder to attain and where quality and productivity are always under pressure to improve? (more…)

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Joseph Sykes - Marketing Manager EMEA - March 21, 2019

Imagine using virtual reality to monitor the performance of your mining fleet in real-time, from the head office. Or, consider the cost-savings and safety benefits of training new haul-truck drivers in an accurate, augmented reality version of the mine where they will eventually be working.

This is not sci-fi or fantasy. In fact, it’s already a reality. And it’s why Maptek has partnered with award-winning big data and virtual reality expert LlamaZOO Interactive to develop data visualisation for mining companies.


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