What is a Maptek Tune Up?

What is a Maptek Tune Up?

Maptek Tune Up involves a two-day site visit to observe, review and measure current processes, workflow, and knowledge with Maptek products. We’ll assess your staff and recommend further areas of improvement in a report. In addition, we show users new tools or workflows to use when applicable.

Maptek Tune up will help you develop strategies to:

  • Optimise workflows
  • Automate procedures
  • Implement best practices
  • Ensure staff are appropriately trained
  • Recommend further improvements

Why should you get a Maptek Tune Up?

A Maptek Tune Up highlights strengths and weaknesses of the staff, allowing you to build a training and implementation program built specifically for your unique team. The Tune Up provides information on your staff to set achievable development goals and targets, create accountability, identify talent and evidence of progress, validate effort to learn the product, and motivate.

When you hear tune up, you may think of a car tune up, fitness assessment, or evaluation. Similar to a car tune up, a Maptek Tune Up is just as important as selecting Maptek as your mine planning tool. A tune up is preventative maintenance in order to continue to perform at a high level. While a Maptek Tune Up will not replace any software or hardware, it will provide a path to replace bad habits and less than optimal work flows/processes. It also provides a list of action items to improve the use of the products – so that users become more efficient and can do the same task faster and with more accuracy.

Good communication ensures that you receive exactly what you’re hoping to from the Maptek Tune Up. For example, if you’re looking for a specific solution to an issue, a Maptek Tune Up may not be in order – we’ll simply fix your issue directly. In most cases, people do not know where, or even if, they have a problem until they’re shown a better method. This is one of the purposes of the Maptek Tune Up.

Maptek Tune Up is set up to identify product or workflow inefficiencies. There are many reasons why inefficiencies can occur such as: not knowing the product to its fullest potential, high turnover, being short staffed, deadlines, no time to learn more about Maptek or to investigate the latest tools and functionality.

Increase workflow and productivity by better understanding the software, making the most of your resources, and maximising the value from Maptek. You do not know what you don’t know. Tune Up and make the most of your Maptek products.

If you have any questions or technical service needs, please contact me at chuck.yarbrough@maptek.com or +1 303-763-4919.

Chuck Yarbrough
Vulcan Solutions Engineer
March 17, 2015

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