Case Studies

Survey solution for structural safety

Maptek mine measurement systems are providing invaluable insight into the structural safety of a mine and in guiding planning around repurposing the site

Improving leach pad safety

A monitoring technique using Maptek Sentry safely controls the shape of a secondary leach
pad to avoid landslides at a copper mine in South America.

Slope stability risk management

Letšeng Diamond Mine uses Maptek technology for volumetric survey, geological and geotechnical data analysis, and tactical and strategic slope deformation monitoring.

Stability monitoring for peace of mind

Continuous monitoring using Sentry provided effective risk management during equipment maintenance at an Australian mineral sand operation.

Highwall stability in longwall mining

A coal mine in Central Queensland used Sentry monitoring to help predict highwall movement associated with longwall subsidence.

Periodic monitoring with Sentry

Sentry watched over workers during the successful remediation of a rockfall at Kanmantoo Copper Mine, allowing operations to quickly resume.

Gaining control over potential instability

A Sentry monitoring system has been implemented in Peru for managing geotechnical risk at a large iron ore mine.

Monitoring tailings dams

Continuous monitoring using Sentry provides effective risk management for tailings dams.

Tailings dam survey

Laser scanning and modelling tools provide a safe and reliable solution for mapping tailings dams to manage risk.

Movement tracking and stability monitoring

Sentry laser-based monitoring system provides a safe, accurate and cost-effective solution for tracking and analysing surface movement.

Analyse surface movement trends with Sentry

Hillgrove Resources found Sentry improved awareness of pit movement and helped plan remedial action, meeting mine safety objectives.