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Modelling geological variance

Maptek Vulcan is employed to visualise and analyse complex vein geometries, providing better understanding of gold distribution and grade.

Streamlined solutions for Buenaventura

Buenaventura uses Maptek Vulcan to streamline a range of modelling and mine planning applications across their operations in Peru.

Strategic planning increases production

The Súria mine in Spain has taken advantage of custom Maptek Vulcan upgrades for modelling complex geology.

Digital mapping at Round Mountain

Maptek Vulcan software helps improve field mapping at the Kinross Round Mountain Mine in Nevada.

Narrow vein underground mining

Klondex Mines customised the Vulcan toolbox using Lava scripting to create a short term modelling process for narrow vein mining.

Oakdale Resources graphite project

A maiden resource study on the Oakdale graphite deposit in South Australia has provided a thorough understanding of the geology and prospects for mining.

Intelligent drillhole tools key to success

A Canadian company has benefited from Maptek Vulcan drillhole tools during its 3-year exploration program.

Streamlining mine planning

An Australian coal mine discovered the benefits of Vulcan HARP modelling for run of mine compositing and product tonnage calculations.

Implicit modelling and support analysis

Combining New Vulcan implicit modelling and support analysis tools helps geologists to better.

Stope optimisation for underground gold deposit

Mexican company Servicios Industriales Peñoles S.A. de C.V. (SIPSA), used Vulcan for optimising stope definition to help direct mine design.

A new slant on strat modelling

Vulcan HARP modelling provides geologists with tools for interpreting coal horizons using drillhole data and downhole geophysical characterisations.

Vulcan block models optimise blending

Vulcan helped Titan Roanoke reduce waste and produce low alkali cement, while complying with stringent new emissions regulations.

Vulcan guides exploration best practice

Vulcan provided the ideal 3D modelling environment for Nittetsu Mining to explore deeper into a geothermal resource in Japan.

Vulcan custom scripting unlocks answers

Lava scripting and object attribute tools in Vulcan help geologists to infer reasonable data points for applying to stope design at the Pogo Mine.

Coal quality modelling

Vulcan provides a set of robust tools for creating auditable coal quality models for structurally complex or multi seam deposits.

Structural Coal Model

By using a structural model derived from drillhole and seismic data, mine workings, and croplines, Peabody Energy was able to mine more coal than previously expected.

Pit Optimiser adds third dimension

Vulcan Pit Optimiser was the ideal solution for assessing economic value for a coal project, providing for design and scheduling details.

Thar Lignite Feasibility Project

Vulcan stratigraphic geological interpretation tools are a powerful means for visualisation and 3D data interpretation, proving valuable for resource estimation and analysis of a deposit.

Vulcan from exploration to production

Phoenix Copper Limited uses Vulcan for planning and production, as well as geological evaluation on multiple projects in South Australia.

Freeze wall uranium mining

Vulcan is an essential tool in design and development for planning and production, as well as critical geotechnical modelling at McArthur River mine in Canada.