Reaching the rapid modelling goal

Maptek has developed a new solution for evaluating projects, progressing from database to resource report in 30 minutes.

Scaled depth of burial for optimal blasts

Automated calculation and update of charge rules based on specified site blast outcomes optimises blast confinement and ensures consistent design.

Full value underground survey solution

Within 6 months of launch, the Maptek SR3 system is satisfying the need for an all-in-one underground survey, geological mapping and geotechnical analysis solution.

Quality-based resource estimation

Maptek Vulcan is being used at a marble quarry in northeastern Greece for resource and reserve estimation using quality indicators.

Strengthening underground design

Coupling fragmentation and break analysis tools will enhance the drill & blast process and facilitate a feedback cycle for continuous improvement.

Collective intelligence

Smart tools do not automatically lead to more intelligent results. But what can you do about it? Maptek Leader of Strategic Innovation, Chris Green provides some clues.

The right place at the right time

MineSuite IntelliTags represent a new generation of location tracking and relative positioning technology to replace traditional RFI technology underground.

University Partnerships

Partnership between Maptek South America and universities in Chile trains engineering students for mining careers.

Learning pathway in mining

Maptek Africa has embraced a Learnership program to introduce young people into the mining industry.