VisionV2X is your eyes underground

The latest Maptek solution, VisionV2X has a simple, yet important objective - to ensure a safe working environment underground.

Improving leach pad safety

A monitoring technique using Maptek Sentry safely controls the shape of a secondary leach pad at a copper mine in South America.

Geotechnical analysis tools

Maptek brings together the most comprehensive and powerful set of variogram analysis tools for geostatistical studies in Vulcan Data Analyser.

Solution Spotlight

BlastMCF –  Ahead of the blast curve

Maptek has developed a new machine learning method for blast design which allows operations to do more with less.

Remaining true to geology roots

Maptek Vulcan GeologyCore sits at the heart of geological modelling, providing all the tools needed to generate domain models.

Decisions at all layers of ore control

Peeling back the layers of ore control exposes a complex interplay of considerations that reveal the importance of this process for decision making in mine planning.

University partnerships

Maptek supports university students around the globe, providing software access for mining engineers and geologists, and rewarding computer science excellence.

Legacy of long service relationship

Retiring Maptek reseller Norimitsu Mizukoshi leaves a legacy of friendship and enthusiasm for Japanese culture among Australian colleagues.

Top workplaces honour

Maptek has won a Colorado Top Workplaces 2023 award stemming from a survey of 6400 local companies.