Benchmarking drill and blast

Maptek BlastLogic enables improved design compliance monitoring and downstream productivity optimisation across Anglo American’s open pit operations.

Periodic monitoring with Sentry

Sentry Patrol watched over workers during the successful remediation of a rockfall at Kanmantoo Copper Mine, allowing operations to quickly resume.

Data visualisation revolution in mining

South African mining companies are poised to take advantage of new technology to enhance mine planning, improve safety and reduce costs.

Continuous monitoring in cold climates

An exciting addition to the Maptek technology portfolio answers the need for continuous, reliable surface monitoring in extreme environments.

Reclamation bond optimisation

Optimising reclamation bond designs through 3D simulation increases the overall efficiency of mining and has a measurable cost-benefit.

New paradigm for domain modelling

Machine learning provides the ability to generate domain boundaries direct from drillhole sample data into a block model.

Innovative ore control system

A new ore control system has been implemented at an open pit gold mine in Peru, combining Maptek Vulcan with other processes to streamline analysis.

Connecting operations and planning

MineSuite streamlines information management and contextualises data from various sources for closing the loop between operations and planning.

University partnership

A partnership between Maptek and the University of Sonora in Mexico has exposed students and lecturers to the latest mine planning software tools available in the industry.

Exploring undercover for the future

Keen future geoscientists from across Australia had much to explore during this annual summer school.