Connecting operations and planning

MineSuite streamlines information management and contextualises data from various sources for closing the loop between operations and planning.

Maptek has enjoyed a long-term involvement with MinLog, providing customers with integrated planning and production systems.

MinLog MineSuite provides for manual data capture and automated data acquisition for both production and maintenance, adhering to MinLog’s one-version-of-the-truth philosophy.

Mining companies can reap value from keeping their software up to date. MinLog values client partnerships and works closely with operations to understand and respond to their needs.

The latest MineSuite release allows the acquisition of quality analysis results and particle size distribution to complement volume data already provided. Plant managers and metallurgists thereby obtain an enhanced view of plant production.

A new technology platform reduces the server resource demand when MineSuite acquires and processes data from other sources, and contextualises the data. A simplified end-of-shift philosophy reduces data validation effort by operators and supervisors. Data is immediately available for decision making.

MineSuite has met industry expectations since the early 2000s, and confidence in the product has led to requests to include data from other process-level sources.

Recently a client discovered unexpectedly high levels of a certain analyte in their production. This has serious business implications, hence the need to obtain analyte results from various data sources in the operation and report on the weighted average production at each of the available measurement points. The latest MineSuite functionality to acquire, process and contextualise data provided the ideal solution.

MineSuite has since become the primary source for operational data, including production volumes, product qualities and performance. The MineSuite train loadout and dispatch module has extended management information requirements to include product beds and train turnaround times.;

Requiring better data management capability, a ferrous metal producer requested MineSuite integration with the control system to receive and share data needed for control decision of stacking and reclaiming equipment. MinLog developed the additional functionality and the enhanced MineSuite was promptly deployed.

MinLog has also developed system capability to handle the upstream and downstream effect of unexpected downtime in a series–process–flow operation. This led clients to upgrade MineSuite to better understand the influence of individual equipment on overall performance. Users can measure the effect of these interruptions on the equipment, production stream, module and plant as an entity.

For example, a feed conveyor in a large beneficiation plant is on breakdown with a belt tear, so the equipment is unavailable. The plant module availability could be 50% and the overall plant availability could be 20%.

The new MineSuite technology platform allows for advanced data acquisition, data processing and data contextualising from various sources.

MinLog’s expanding product development team is working on a total mine operations management solution for a first-tier underground mine in Australia. The solution includes horizontal integration and consolidation as well as task control, activity management, fleet management and stockpile management.

Staying abreast of the latest technology provides advantages in data security, compatibility, efficiency and  technical support, and helps attract and retain the best staff.

Eldrid Koortzeen, MinLog Customer Support Manager believes that staying up-to-date with software releases allows users to reap the benefits of new features and enhancements, which in turn increases business productivity and efficiency.

MinLog will upgrade existing MineSuite users to the new technology platform over the next 18 months.