University partnership

A partnership between Maptek and the University of Sonora in Mexico has exposed students and lecturers to the latest mine planning software tools available in the industry.

Teachers and students in the University of Sonora mining engineering degree course were given an update in the use and application of Maptek Vulcan version 11, thanks to an agreement of participation between the University of Sonora and industry.

The course was conducted in the engineering design laboratory over a full week in December 2018.

The training was supported by Professor Brenda M. Quijada, who is in charge of the computer lab, as well as Maptek personnel – Alberto Ramírez, Regional Manager of Maptek Mexico and the Caribbean, Edén Rivera, Business Development Manager, and Oscar Carrillo Luna, Vulcan Technical Services Engineer.

‘Being able to rely on Vulcan software is important for the university; currently there are four software groups with five hours a week each. Topics reviewed included starting a project, plotting, underground tools and geological interpretation,’ commented Professor Quijada.

‘We also have students doing community service in the engineering design laboratory. They serve the student community and also learn more about the software.

‘We have had several degree projects applying the software tools; once the students learn to manipulate it, interest is generated in being able to develop projects, which in turn serves to expand their knowledge,’ she added.

We are very happy with this partnership; we have benefited greatly from the contribution that Maptek has made to the University.Professor Quijada