Paradigm shift in mine scheduling

Maptek has worked with mine planners to establish a new approach to scheduling that helps meet operational productivity goals.

Monitoring tailings dams

Mine sites around the world are successfully employing Maptek Sentry systems as an integral part of their tailings dam management and monitoring regimes.

Machine learning for fault identification

The revolutionary Maptek DomainMCF machine learning engine for orebody modelling is helping identify faulted geology in record time.

Interactive deposit modelling

As the world transitions rapidly to data processing and workflow automation, properly validated data is recognised as key to unlocking the real benefits.

Data analysis tools

Maptek continues to extend the capability and usability of geostatistical tools to accelerate geological analysis workflows.

Innovative charge design

Maptek BlastLogic provides a tailored workflow that allows operations to quickly recalculate charge rules based on pit observations.

University partnerships

University partnerships

Facing the future

New global CEO Eduardo Coloma has appointed a team that puts customer experience front and centre within Maptek's 5-year strategic roadmap.