Data analysis tools

Maptek continues to extend the capability and usability of geostatistical tools to accelerate geological analysis workflows.

Maptek Vulcan has always delivered industry-leading tools to analyse data and create variograms. The introduction of Vulcan Data Analyser (VDA) in 2016 presented resource geologists with a better user experience. The intuitive tool brought 14 menu items into a streamlined interface for generating variograms from geological databases. Variogram parameters were dynamically adjustable, and settings such as lag size, range and orientation were adjustable on the fly. Geologists could generate high quality graphical outputs for resource reporting.

In 2019, box plots, log normal probability plots, correlation and covariance matrices, full 3D fan variography, back transforms, swath plots and scatter graphs joined an improved toolset. Variogram properties can now be saved between variograms and projects, and cloud charts show variations between all samples at each lag. Block variography, Vulcan data highlighting and upgraded annotations and legends have also boosted geological analysis.

The latest update sees more flexible data viewing and reporting through custom domaining and right-click copy and paste from charts or annotations into documents and emails. Users can now input the initial plane for orthogonal variograms, create multiple histograms in the same VDA chart, and display bar or line charts.

Automatic creation of common data filters, such as positive and normal score values, is being developed for the next release, along with options for advanced integration.

Development guided by geology experts and input from users sets VDA apart as the go-to tool for geological data analysis.

  • Vulcan Data Analyser brings together the most comprehensive and powerful set of variogram analysis tools for geostatistical studies.
  • Custom domaining, along with more flexible viewing and reporting, ensures high impact resource reporting.
  • Integrating geological database analysis with other geological project work provides a single source of truth and faster reporting.