Data driven modelling in a production environment

DomainMCF can change the way an operating mine uses geological and geotechnical models to keep information up to date in a production environment.

The green industrial revolution

The transition to renewable energy will see demand for lithium rise dramatically. New technologies can extract resources in an environmentally responsible manner.

Supporting sustainable mining

Maptek believes that greater efficiency, productivity and sustainability can be achieved throughout the mining life cycle by building these aims into a mine's operating model.

Answering the geology challenge

Vulcan GeologyCore takes modelling outcomes to new heights, raising the bar for industry in handling data validation and drillhole correlation prior to modelling.

Mining narrow vein orebodies

New exploration and resource estimation tools designed for narrow vein deposits have created opportunities for low volume projects to thrive.

Continuous improvement in drill & blast

Drill & blast is the cornerstone for safe and efficient mining operations. BlastLogic is helping AngloAmerican mines significantly improve processes.

Solution Spotlight

Rock bolt analysis

A new tool applies laser scan data to reconcile rock bolt distribution and effectiveness, improving safety in underground environments.

Leveraging the power of Python

Users can leverage the power of scripting with support for Python libraries or tools broadening the opportunities to extend the value in use of Maptek applications.

University partnerships in Chile

A combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the application of world-leading software is essential for future mining professionals.