Supporting sustainable mining

Maptek believes that greater efficiency, productivity and sustainability can be achieved throughout the mining life cycle by building these aims into a mine's operating model.

Maptek has joined other forward-looking companies wanting to make a difference to sustainable mining by supporting the work of the not-for-profit Coalition for Eco Efficient Comminution (CEEC).

CEEC was established by a group of mining industry leaders who recognised the need for a platform providing effective communication around the latest technical findings on efficient comminution practices.

Extensive research and engineering design studies have established that a range of improved blasting, crushing and grinding techniques can lower project costs and improve energy efficiency.

CEEC objectives to drive efficiency, productivity and sustainability throughout the whole mining life cycle are well aligned with Maptek aspirations. Maptek focuses on providing tools for integrated decision support to help make operations safer and more efficient.

Integrating comminution outcomes into mine planning from the outset addresses considerations around environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, which investors increasingly look to include in their analysis of material risks and growth opportunities.

‘Building eco efficiency and sustainability into a mine’s operating model is more than possible, and we hope to contribute our expertise through support of CEEC,’ says Maptek CEO Eduardo Coloma.

‘We believe the aims can be best achieved by considering comminution outcomes from the earliest stages of mining.’

Decision support

Maptek develops solutions that are easy to use, and works collaboratively with customers, technology partners and industry.

Multi-objective optimisation is an effective technique that Maptek employs to develop new decision-support solutions.

‘We turn mine data into knowledge at every stage of the mining life cycle,’ says Coloma.

Ultimately, fully integrating that knowledge will change the way mining is done, forever.

Maptek considers that incorporating solar and wind energy usage in mine scheduling tools will help mines optimise energy consumption and reduce operating costs.

Blast design and fragmentation is another focus area. Creating a single design is traditionally highly engineering intensive.

The trend towards remote operating centres sees a shift away from onsite, reactive design efforts. The Maptek blast optimisation solution automates repetitive elements of the drill & blast design process.

Multi-objective optimisation references empirical models of fragmentation, vibration and fly rock, with powder factor and cost incorporated as objectives or constraints.

This holistic approach allows blast designs to be completed earlier as part of an integrated proactive short-term or medium-term planning process.

Maptek fragmentation solutions provide accurate analytics that can drive improved productivity and performance.

Fragmentation has a significant effect on blasting costs, schedule conformance, dig rates and crusher performance. Tracking fragmentation metrics on a blast by blast basis helps engineers analyse blast design parameters and manage the impacts on mining.

‘Understanding our customers and their operations ensures we maximise our contribution by creating solutions to revolutionise mining,’ concluded Coloma.

Through accelerating information, knowledge and technology transfer, CEEC can help miners lower processing costs and raise shareholder value.

  • Maptek joins the list of companies to support the work of CEEC, which shares outcomes from research and innovation projects for industry benefit
  • Integrating comminution outcomes into mine planning from the start of the mining life cycle helps address environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations
  • Maptek employs techniques like multi-objective optimisation to develop new decision-support solutions that help mines optimise energy consumption and reduce operating costs

About CEEC

Coalition for Eco Efficient Comminution (CEEC) is a global initiative, providing access to current technical scientific papers and field studies for the global mining industry. CEEC promotes awareness of the most outstanding and high impact eco-efficient technologies for sustainable, efficient, lower footprint mining.