Answering the geology challenge

Vulcan GeologyCore takes modelling outcomes to new heights, raising the bar for industry in handling data validation and drillhole correlation prior to modelling.

Making geological modelling simple is the premise of Maptek Vulcan GeologyCore. The new application frees up geologists to do more analysis on their resource data by removing time-consuming manual validation, chart creation and database manipulation.

Even with the latest computing technology, resource modelling can prove a challenge. Data validation remains a bottleneck in the workflow. How much data is enough and does the model accurately represent all the data?

Geologists can be confident that with Vulcan GeologyCore, drillhole and other data is clean, accurately correlated and in a valid format before modelling. The novel approach introduces a repeatable and non-destructive workflow.

Maptek Technical Lead Richard Jackson knows the frustration of running complex tasks overnight, only to find next morning that a data error had stopped the process. Valuable time must be spent finding the issue and cleansing data before initiating another modelling pass.

‘As a geologist, I judge the impact of Vulcan GeologyCore from the belief that my time is better spent making decisions about geology, rather than setting up specifications!’ said Jackson.

An intuitive ribbon streamlines the process from importing and validating drillhole data, through defining geological domains, to generating the model.

Geologists can choose modelling techniques such as cloud-based machine learning with DomainMCF alongside conventional approaches such as vein and implicit modelling.

There is no doubt that interpretation can be highly subjective. Three geologists will have three different opinions. DomainMCF provides an unbiased approach to modelling.

Vulcan GeologyCore paves the way towards updating resource models daily or multiple times a day, instead of quarterly or yearly.

Users can easily experiment with changes to domains and see the immediate effect on the model, without actually modifying the original data until they are satisfied.

‘One of my goals is to make and validate grade control models in less time than it takes me to finish my coffee,’ joked Jackson. ‘I’d like to link the models automatically to downstream processes like optimisation and scheduling.’

Vulcan users will be familiar with the logic and data routines in Vulcan GeologyCore. Drillhole and other data is managed in Vulcan, then opened in Vulcan GeologyCore for validation, domain definition and model generation. The user returns to Vulcan for grade modelling and advanced statistical analysis.

Early access customers and participants in the recent Maptek Geology Challenge were able to try the new approach for themselves, reporting time savings and speed as the standout benefits.

“It was really convenient to load all the drillhole data into Vulcan GeologyCore. Using the lithology targeting tools we could change our parameters on the fly to see how they corresponded with sub-mine units,” said one of the winners.

Jackson is also keen to apply Vulcan GeologyCore and DomainMCF in combination with Maptek drillhole planning tools to optimise and de-risk a deposit.

“Maybe I am taking this dream too far but I know I don’t want to go back to the old way of doing things!” concluded Jackson.

Vulcan GeologyCore entitlements will be included in Vulcan GeoModeller and GeoStatModeller bundles, and will be offered as a subscription for customers wishing to access it as a standalone.

Adding DomainMCF to Vulcan GeologyCore takes advantage of machine learning for fast, accurate domain modelling.

  • A new, simple workflow helps geologists transform drillhole data into accurate models for streamlining modelling and maximising project value
  • Geologists welcome the repeatable process that allows them to quickly test scenarios by editing domains and seeing the model update dynamically
  • Maptek makes updating resource models daily or multiple times a day a reality, instead of quarterly or annually

Maptek DomainMCF

Maptek DomainMCF uses machine learning to generate domain boundaries direct from sample data for rapid creation of resource models.

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