3D Design Conformance Visualization

PerfectDig is an easy-to-use system for rapidly evaluating and supporting design conformance

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Empower operators with accurate, real‑time 3D design conformance visualization

Transfer high-resolution design conformance imagery to equipment operators. Achieve designs provided by mine engineer.

Avoid stakeout practices which put your survey teams at risk

Site crews capture data from the safety of vehicle.

Increase ore recovery and slope optimization

Identify areas of overdig/underdig to increase factor of safety. Powerful slope optimization tools include query cross-sections, distance to design, and two-point distances.

Ensure highwall faces are properly free‑faced of material before blasting

Import pre-derived ore control blast polygons and calculate area defined tonnages and eliminate back-break.

Automated scan point cloud registration and surfaces in under 5 minutes

Export registered point cloud data and surface generation to other software.

Barrick Cortez Case Study

‘We can now conduct design checks efficiently and safely. And we have data that is useful for feeding back to our open pit operations group.’