Maptek DomainMCF

New paradigm for domain modelling

Maptek DomainMCF uses machine learning to generate domain boundaries direct from sample data for rapid creation of resource models. Geologists feed in drilling or other sampling data and obtain domain or grade models in dramatically less time than traditional resource modelling methods.

The Maptek Compute Framework moves away from complex software installed on desktop computers and shifts costs from capital to operating budgets. Faster, secure cloud processing is supported by flexible licensing.

Generate resource models in minutes or hours, depending on size, data density and complexity of the deposit.

Many operations only have the ability to update their resource models once or twice a year. Using DomainMCF, your project can be modelled in minutes with results comparable to classical techniques. You remain in control of the process without the onerous preparation work. New data can be added and models regenerated quickly to reflect the current data.

Streamline workflow - data errors are highlighted and the modelling job cannot be submitted until changes have been made to remedy these.

DomainMCF solves another challenge - having valid geological data to input into the resource model. Data validation is completed within DomainMCF before the modelling phase.

The new geological domain modelling process using machine learning is especially suited to large volumes of data such as later stage exploration projects and operating mines. Your operation will benefit from multiple solutions run in parallel using high performance cloud computing.


Improve productivity
Produce resource models up to 2000 times faster and more cost effectively than other solutions.

Maximise investment
Generate resource models with certainty and report investment options to stakeholders.

Reduce costs
Cloud based processing and machine learning save time for resource modelling.

Standardised process
Repeatable and reliable results with the ability to easily update resource models.

Manage risk
Identify potential projects and accurately interpret the volume of geological data for targeting high value projects.

Measure uncertainty
Provide mine planners and potential investors with a quantitative assessment of risk due to geological uncertainty.

Build on success
Apply professional expertise to interpretation and evaluation, supported by automated machine learning approach.

Minimal setup
Cloud processing solution without onerous start-up or customisation. Start generating models within minutes.


  • Automated modelling process
  • Validate data before modelling
  • Update models to reflect current data
  • Output domain and grade codes
  • Effective for most deposit types
  • Fast, secure processing

Apply cloud processing and machine learning to generate accurate resource models with DomainMCF

Resource geologists

  • Rapidly analyse geological data and recommend decisions
  • Evaluate various scenarios to better inform project decisions
  • Minimise costs associated with project evaluation
  • Avoid time-consuming data manipulation
  • Standardise and streamline process for project evaluation

Mine geologists

  • Rapidly conduct grade estimation and make available for mine production
  • Standardise on consistent grade estimation process
  • Easily update resource models with new data
  • Avoid time-consuming data manipulation

Early Access

Maptek is looking for individuals or companies who are interested in finding a faster and better way to do resource modelling.

Don’t miss this opportunity to provide important feedback to steer product development and gain early access to new domaining/AI capabilities, while continuing to extend your own expertise.

Register to find out more about the DomainMCF Early Access program.

Case Studies


Uncertainty in domain modelling

Generating models that include a measure of uncertainty leads to better informed decision making and compliant resource statements.

Conference Paper

Deep Learning - A New Paradigm for Orebody Modelling

This 2019 paper introduces you to orebody modelling of the future. Learn how machine learning allows rapid generation of domained orebody models, including the estimation of multiple numeric variables and uncertainties, directly from drillhole data.

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