R3 series laser scanners

Versatile systems
Reliable operation
Accurate deliverables

Maptek R3 laser scanners combine fast accurate sensing, high resolution digital imagery and powerful modelling software for improving survey productivity and site safety.

The R3 series is 30% smaller and 25% lighter, with 2.5 times faster data acquisition than the earlier I-Site 8000 scanners. This allows survey teams to work faster and smarter with confidence that accurate, current topographic and volumetric data is guiding mine planning and geotechnical studies.

HDR Camera - New

New, internal high dynamic range 147 megapixel panoramic camera captures superb quality digital panoramic imagery without bloom or sun flare.

High impact visualisation

High resolution images ideal for geotechnical analysis, geological mapping and high impact communication with stakeholders.

Optimal workflow

Multiple scans can be queued for maximum field efficiency. Simple setup, scan preparation and registration means less time in the field, allowing teams to focus on modelling, in-depth analysis and reporting for mine planning and shareholder reports.

Flexible deployment

Laser scanner setup on tripod or vehicle-mounted for stop-go or continuous survey offers versatility across survey tasks and operational processes.

Mine workflows

Automated, built-in mine survey workflows help surveyors, geotechnical engineers, geologists and mining engineers to generate accurate survey data fast and deliver it to where it’s needed for decision making.

Mine measurement solutions

Maptek researches and develops new, value-in-use functionality to ensure operations maximise their investment in survey technology. These include PerfectDig for design conformance and Sentry for continuous slope monitoring.


  • Open pit and underground mine survey
  • Topographic survey and stockpile volumetrics
  • Stability monitoring and rockfall analysis
  • Design conformance
  • Pre/post-blast analysis
  • Geological face mapping
  • Geotechnical/kinematic analysis

Reasons to use

  • Ergonomic, portable design
  • Integrated, intuitive survey workflow
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Most efficient field to finish performance
  • Advanced scan registration for accurate results
  • Hardware and software developed concurrently
  • Operates at temperatures down to -40°C


  • HDR 147MP panoramic camera
  • Snapshot imagery
  • Selectable multi-point returns
  • IP65 protected for tough conditions
  • Automated, streamlined survey registration
  • Standard controls integrated into quality design
  • Production facility with ISO 9001 quality certification
  • Maptek XR3
  • Range: 2.5-2400m
  • Accuracy: 5mm
  • Repeatability: 4mm
  • Acquisition rates: 200kHz, 100kHz, 50 kHz
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  • Maptek LR3
  • Range: 2.5-1200m
  • Accuracy: 4mm
  • Repeatability: 3mm
  • Acquisition rates: 200kHz, 100kHz, 50 kHz
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  • Maptek SR3
  • Range: 1-600m
  • Accuracy: 4mm
  • Repeatability: 3mm
  • Acquisition rates: 200kHz, 100kHz
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