Automated Pit Designer

Vulcan Automated Pit Designer is an open pit mine design tool that quickly iterates mine designs based on output from pit optimisation runs.

An intuitive interface supports dynamic pit editing, ramp insertion and dump design, reducing the time to go from pit optimisation outputs to an actual pit design complete with ramps.

Automated Pit Designer is included in the Vulcan Open Pit MineModeller.


  • Rapidly transform optimised block model results into realistic mine design contours
  • Conduct further design work to develop operational long term schedules
  • Intuitive approach which accounts for design parameters such as local geotechnical conditions for wall angles and berm widths
  • Generate representative design strings and triangulations based on raw pit optimisation output
  • Quickly insert, move, change direction, switchback and edit ramp design parameters and view changes dynamically


  • Dynamic design: Full function design tool that takes the results from your pit optimisation run or previous design iterations to generate an updated design
  • Elaborate studies: Generate multiple pits with multiple different parameter sets, facilitated through scripting and sensitivity analysis to view the impact of different design considerations.
  • Real-world solutions: Incorporates real-world parameters like bench height and width, and slope information with pit optimisation output.
  • Flexible designs: Designs can be easily updated as new drilling or mining data becomes available or to reflect changing economics.
  • Advanced visualisation: Output from Pit Optimiser provides for refined visualisation of pit optimisation scenarios.
  • Automation: Automates creation of mineable pit shells after the optimisation process is complete.