How to get Vulcan

Licensing for base and add-on applications

Vulcan transforms technical data into knowledge, enabling miners to make better decisions around their mine design, production plans and resource recovery. Vulcan is supported by a range of add-ons that deliver specialised functionality relating to roles and operational tasks for more detailed analysis and reporting.

Maptek Account supports a range of licensing options, enabling customers to purchase software that supports their global, corporate and site requirements.


From 2024, Maptek is simplifying the way we issue Vulcan licences. New customers, and new offerings for existing customers are only available as a subscription under Maptek Account.

Customers can choose from a range of subscription periods and combination of Vulcan with add-ons to suit their needs. Contact Maptek for a quote today!

Existing customers can continue with their current configuration or contact their local Maptek office to explore opportunities under subscription.