Vulcan Gantt Scheduler

Vulcan Gantt Scheduler handles resource and activity based scheduling. Users can create, sequence and allocate resources, animate scenarios and report activities efficiently and transparently within Vulcan.

Reserves can be broken down to small periods, for example one day, for large triangulation blocks or long centrelines, providing better understanding of the grade distribution across periods.

Users can report every activity on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis with a simple export or copy to csv. This allows for detailed information to be reported by period and easily formatted into desired output. Additionally, the grade can be reported per individual activity, which is helpful when reporting short range plans.

Vulcan Gantt Scheduler can be added to both the Vulcan MineModeller Underground bundle and Vulcan MineModeller Open Pit bundles.

Capabilities of Vulcan Gantt Scheduler

  • Schedule CAD and 3D solids
  • Execute powerful attribute calculations
  • Filter activities in the Gantt view and in Envisage 3D environment
  • Generate new objects and triangulations by splitting and colouring by scheduled periods
  • Synchronise Vulcan mine design with mine schedule
  • Directly read Vulcan block models to populate designs with reserve information
  • Import and export multiple vgantt files to schedule short range plans from LOM
  • Flexible reporting and dynamic visualisations in Envisage 3D environment

Benefits of Vulcan Gantt Scheduler

Visualise, design and schedule in a single 3D environment with direct access to powerful design tools in Vulcan.

  • Increased productivity: Eliminates the need for importing/exporting data or dealing with different file types.
  • Intuitive interface: Leverages existing Vulcan data structure and menu options.
  • Streamlined workflow: Designed in collaboration with industry for ease of setup and use.
  • Holistic scheduling: Multiple users can schedule different zones and import schedules for a comprehensive view of the entire mine schedule.