Geotechnical Suite

An add-on for Maptek Vulcan

This add-on provides access to two complementary geotechnical toolsets, enabling accurate, informative geotechnical analysis and reporting to guide mine design and planning decisions.

Import data from various sources to develop a comprehensive structural database with Vulcan Geotechnical Toolbox. Map features using digitised data, such as scanned hand drawn maps, digital photos or high quality laser scan data and choose from a range of geotechnical assessment tools to evaluate competency of structures. Report and recommend risk management protocols.

Apply the PointStudio or GeologyCore Geotechnical tools to analyse structures and undertake kinematic analysis directly on highly accurate point clouds. Intelligent filtering, stability mapping, cell extraction, discontinuity mapping, stereonet and other specialised tools speed up the process for evaluating and reporting on complex structures and surfaces.

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