Vulcan Grade Control

Grade control is a fast, robust application written in the modern Maptek Workbench framework for streamlining data management and workflow.


  • Key setup fields automatically pre-populated from the source database
  • Ability to generate blast solids from surfaces or levels where grade control output not available
  • Menu modality directs users through the grade control process
  • Automatic bench plan output extracts grade blocks and labels them with required attributes
  • Separate rule configuration and display avoids change to assignment rules without due process, and validation checks ensure data types are not mixed


  • Simple scripting: Easily set up and edit Perl or Python scripts to run conditions with pre-defined syntax, attributes and variables
  • Error notifications: Errors in specification file setup are flagged, and subsequent menu items remain disabled until issues are resolved
  • Audit trails: Log files record the last user to create, modify or delete blast files, block boundaries, block out and reconciliation files, and record the weight assignment rules used to calculate block out values
Vulcan Bundles