Vulcan Grade Control Optimiser

Automatically define grade control polygons that optimise material classification and minimise depletion. Optimisation can be guided by economic value or classification variables. Improve your grade control process while maximising value. The latest update includes enhancements to the core optimisation engine, which guarantees locally optimal results. The time limit for the optimiser now applies to the entire problem, while recognising that the problem is split into multiple pieces.

Vulcan Grade Control Optimiser is an add-on module to the Vulcan MineModeller Open Pit or GeoModeller bundle.


  • Rapidly generate practical, mineable grade control polygons from your block model
  • Automate your grade control process for faster, better results
  • Flexibly define mining width constraints
  • Changes to polygons reflected quickly in tons, grade and value
  • Measure the true impact of ore loss and dilution


  • Optimisation: Thousands of solutions are evaluated to achieve an optimised result
  • Reliable results: Use the block model to achieve meaningful results
  • Automation: Eliminate manual grade control polygon creation
  • Usability: Operational polygons can be staked in the field and mined when required
  • Flexibility: Optimise by economic or classification values while satisfying mining parameters
  • Advanced analysis: Conduct sensitivity studies on alternative scenarios
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