Vulcan Implicit Modeller

Building on the Implicit Modelling tool in Vulcan 9, more complex settings can be modelled into domains, including faulted geometries and on-the-fly combinations of geological database codes.

Vulcan Implicit Modeller is included as part of the GeoModeller and GeoStatModeller bundles and is part of the Geotechnical Tools module.

Dynamic slice preview tool

  • Quick access to section views for fine tuning the modelling parameters in real-time.
  • “What if” scenarios can be performed using the preview tool prior to building the entire model.
  • Users are provided greater control of the modelled result.


  • Implicit model smoothing algorithm is now available in the Grade Shells option
  • The Implicit Modelling tool can be used in scripts enabling users to automate the design process based on changes in drill hole data.
  • Batching has been added to implicit modelling for larger processes which streamlines modelling workflow.


  • Improved use of polygons in the Implicit Modelling tool; the models honour the polygons better than previous versions meaning a more accurate result.
  • Users can incorporate faults into an implicit model which delivers a more realistic model and removes dependency on manual post processing.
  • Sample selection facilitates greater user control over data used for modelling, removing the need to manually pre-process data by allowing samples to be selected on-the-fly.


  • Output properties provide greater control over naming and properties of the outputs (e.g. triangulations, block models and variations, composite database)
  • Ellipsoids can be manipulated graphically, improving usability and reducing manual pre-processing.
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