Kriging Neighbourhood Analysis

Kriging Neighbourhood Analysis applies to all deposit types where kriging is used for estimation of grade attributes into block models. The option is available in the GeoStatModeller licence or Base Geostatistics module.

Kriging Neighbourhood Analysis (KNA) is fully integrated into the Vulcan grade estimation process. Charts are readily saved for reporting and it is fast and intuitive to set up and run.

The ability to determine and optimise input parameters for the kriging process minimises conditional biases during estimation. Block size, minimum and maximum numbers of samples, search distances and discretisation parameters can be charted to show their impact on kriging efficiency and slope of regression.

KNA can be run on a single (local) and/or multiple block (global) basis. The optimised settings can be fed directly into a grade estimation run for efficient processing.

Vulcan users can now perform grade estimation using Simple CoKriging, Standardised CoKriging and Ordinary CoKriging in the Gaussian Simulation module, with up to five variables for complex multi-commodity operations.

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