Open Pit Optimisation

An add-on for Maptek Vulcan

Open Pit Optimisation add-on includes pit optimiser, cut-off grade optimisation, and haulage profile tools.

Pit optimisation streamlines mining strategy evaluation by working efficiently with current geological models. It rapidly incorporates factors like loss and dilution, while adhering to complex geotechnical constraints. This approach focuses on calculating the Net Present Value (NPV) rather than cash flow, offering a comprehensive financial overview based on full mine scheduling.

Engineers can account for complex geotechnical requirements and incorporate different products, costs and processes. Running multiple scenarios simultaneously, with on-the-fly reserving, enhances decision-making efficiency.

Haulage Profile uses stored fleet information to calculate the haulage time between two digitised points, with information stored in the block model for accurate planning. Nodes and segments can be shared between routes and multiple scenarios can be run for evaluation.

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