Vulcan Pit Optimiser

Complete pit optimisations in minutes with the Vulcan Pit Optimiser module. Run more scenarios with advanced visualisation tools in the same amount of time. Improve analysis using what-if scenarios to create final designs.

The Vulcan Pit Optimiser is an add-on module to the Vulcan MineModeller Open Pit bundle.


  • Rapidly generate pits using multiple parameters of multiple scenarios and pit shells
  • Quickly re-evaluate mine plans in changing economic conditions
  • Display and animate pit shells in Envisage 3D environment
  • Develop ready made pit-by-pit graph or period-by-period charts in Vulcan for output to Microsoft Excel


  • 3D visualisation: Enjoy the benefits of a traditional pit optimisation algorithm with powerful 3D graphics.
  • Performance: Push & Relabel algorithm provides significantly faster processing.
  • Usability: Understand the value of the deposit without having to export data to third party software.
  • Financial considerations: Consider selling, processing and mining costs, apply discount rates, include a range of cutoff grades and account for recovery percentages.
  • Advanced analysis: Establish global parameters, including different bench lags, and create different cash flow scenarios


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