Split Pit Solids

The Split Solids tool presents a workflow-based approach to creating solids for scheduling in Vulcan Gantt Scheduler and Maptek Evolution. It is found under the Open Pit > Pit Solids menu.


  • Workflow guides users through logical steps from a pit solid, topography and horizon surfaces
  • Product and waste solids are split by strip lines containing information about batter angles and berm offsets, as well as block lines and bench levels
  • Interrogate existing grids or HARP models to assign quality and geotechnical attributes to the resulting solids
  • Easily clip solids to fit a new topography and create expressions to view specific solids
  • View loaded triangulations based on triangulation attributes


  • Broad application: Works on simple or complex geology, easily handling coincident and stepped surfaces.
  • Easier validation: Visual cues at all stages aid validation.
  • Time saving: Triangulation solids saved separately on creation for assigning names and physical attributes
  • Ready-to-use results: Results are valid, closed solids, fully attributed and ready for scheduling with Vulcan Evolution.
  • Straightforward exporting: Easily export attributes in common formats.
  • Accelerated processing: Optimised, multi-threaded Boolean processing quickly creates reliable solids with no loss of model fidelity, ensuring volumes match at every splitting stage

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