Uniform Conditioning

Uniform Conditioning is used when data is sparse and widely spaced with respect to the selective mining unit (SMU), allowing users to better validate recoverable reserves, mitigating the risk of overestimating or underestimating grade and tonnage.

Uniform Conditioning is available as part of the GeostatModeller bundle alongside Inverse Distance, Simple, Ordinary and Indicator Kriging estimation methods.


  • Set up using panel definitions and a localisation strategy mimics the kriging estimation approach
  • Assigning corrected panel scale distributions to the SMU scale blocks using different localisation strategies matches method to mineralisation style
  • Employs multi-threaded execution, batch mode and options to output additional variables as part of the estimation process



  • Flexible panel definitions: Accommodate all orebody types, with regular and irregular panel definitions (e.g. using a set of 3D solids or a block model variable) and simple regular panels.
  • Accurate results: Confidently validate recoverable reserves and mitigate risk of grade and tonnage forecasts.
  • Improved modelling: Reduce the tension between producing a model with accurate, well-informed local estimates and a model that predicts global resources and produces reliable grade-tonnage values.
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