Vulcan Data Analyser

Vulcan Data Analyser allows users to gain a better understanding of their geological and analytical data with a streamlined variogram analysis workflow.

Vulcan Data Analyser is available in the Analyse menu of the Vulcan GeostatModeller bundle.


  • Quickly create and modify experimental variograms and apply models to the data
  • Create and apply selection filters and transformations to data
  • Highlight data to check spatial locations of chart outliers and assess their potential impact during resource estimation
  • Integrated with Vulcan unfolding tools, providing additional methods for handling structural and grade based anisotropy
  • Save variogram properties for use between variograms and projects
  • Support for block models allows analysis of mine planning data
  • Easily identify outliers and compare distributions
  • View correlation of data in multiple directions simultaneously with fan variogram ‘compass’
  • Chart types include general statistics, histogram, cumulative frequency, scatter, madogram, P-P and Q-Q


  • Advanced analysis: Allows for a better understanding of technical data with enhanced statistical, graphing and display options.
  • Fast iterations: Easily create and test multiple alternatives aided by tools that speed up ‘trial and error’ in determining variogram parameters (e.g. lag size, direction and search tolerance).
  • Clear comparisons: Display multiple models concurrently for real-time, side-by-side comparisons.
  • Streamlined interface: Interpret geological data with Vulcan Data Analyser tools which integrate seamlessly with the Vulcan grade estimation processes.
  • Customisable charts: Produce high quality charts which can be exported into .png and .csv file formats for resource reports.


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