South Africa

Recruitment Process

Job vacancies are advertised internally, the Maptek website and via other channels as needed. We review applications against the selection criteria and contact you to arrange an interview. Follow up interviews, skills testing and reference checks are standard aspects of our recruiting process.


Job vacancies are advertised on the Maptek website and via other channels as needed. All applications need to be emailed to For applications to be considered it should be emailed prior to the closing date and time together with a detailed CV as well as a cover letter motivating your application. 


Applications will be reviewed against the key selection criteria to determine if your skills match the job listing. You may be contacted by our People and Development team prior to the closing date of the job advertisement to provide or clarify information in your application. You should hear from Maptek within two weeks after the closing date for applications.


If your application is shortlisted, our People and Development team will be in touch to arrange a first interview. This interview is more about getting to know you, your background, why you’ve applied for the role and how your skills and experience are a good fit for the advertised position. If you are further shortlisted after the first interview, we will then schedule a second interview to find out more about your technical knowledge and overall fit for the role. First and second interviews are usually conducted within 1-2 weeks of each other.

Skills Testing

Between the first and second interview you may be required (depending on the position) to complete further testing.

Reference Checks

Reference checks will be conducted after the second interview. Please ensure you provide at least two reference contacts who are available, preferably with both email and phone numbers supplied.

Offer and Negotiation

If you are successful, Maptek will provide an initial offer via email, including a proposed start date and salary, for you to consider. Should you accept the offer, a formal induction process will be followed to make sure that you feel part of the team as quickly as possible.