United Kingdom

Maptek is the world's leading developer and provider of software and hardware technology solutions to the mining industry.

We are still growing because of our highly skilled and experienced people. We are recognised for continually delivering value to our clients by combining our award winning technology with professional services and consulting. In order to achieve this, we aim to bring together the best people available in all of our operations, and are always looking to engage leading achievers in any of the fields we work in, from product development to mining, geology, IT services and consulting.

Our company operates within an enjoyable, open and caring environment where our people are given opportunities to innovate and succeed. Our people are rewarded for their efforts and their success. We offer competitive salaries and flexible working conditions, while providing a workplace which encourages professional and personal development. We offer the excitement and great satisfaction of contributing to a rapidly growing industry with some of the world’s greatest new technologies.

If this sounds like an environment in which you would like to make a contribution toward growing the Maptek business and helping the global mining industry, please email jobs@maptek.co.uk