Smart material tracking

Maptek Resource Tracking is a business improvement system that provides a single source of truth for material movement reconciliation.

Underground scanning at Fosterville

Maptek mine measurement solutions are helping geology and geotechnical engineering teams save time and monitor safety at an underground gold mine.

Data driven geology

Technological advances have matured machine learning to a point where it can be readily and practically applied by solutions such as Maptek DomainMCF.

Gold standard licensing

Shandong Gold has standardised on online licensing for Maptek software to enable access to secure design and modelling tools for its large workforce.

Solution Spotlight

Fragmentation solutions

Improve mining performance by quickly producing accurate and detailed fragmentation analysis from 3D point clouds.

Efficient equipment allocation

Maptek scheduling solutions help planners trade off timelines for schedule completion against available equipment resources.

Resourcing the future

Maptek recognises excellence in digital mining practices and supports vocational survey training.

University partnerships

Maptek runs online classes for mining and exploration geology students, and awards innovative mining engineering projects.