Gold standard licensing

Shandong Gold has standardised on online licensing for Maptek software to enable access to secure design and modelling tools for its large workforce.

Shandong Gold in China has increased its Maptek Vulcan software usage and transitioned from dongle and internal network access to Maptek Account licensing.

By October 2020, 561 users were logging into the unified application environment to run Vulcan.

Maptek Account streamlines software access, with borrowing and fail-safe modes for working offline. Simplified deployment and management extends to release updates.

Shandong Gold can view and manage software usage within their user base, with improved transparency around reporting and tracking support cases.

Mining businesses benefit from standardising providers and interfaces across their operations and regions.

As the impact of COVID-19 began to be felt, the advantages of online licensing for a large geographically dispersed business like Shandong Gold became apparent.

More than 500 Shandong Gold staff from 30 operations completed online introductory Vulcan training delivered by Maptek reseller Pioneering Inc. during 2020.

Vulcan is available in multiple languages, including Chinese, facilitating uptake of the design and modelling tools.

Feedback from the training, implementation and usage helps guide ongoing software development.

For example, one of the outcomes of the customer-developer relationship has been refinement of CAD tools to facilitate a more automated, integrated design approach.

Maptek Account licensing works where you do

Customers who have transitioned to Maptek Account licensing are embracing the ‘working from anywhere’ model that matches business conditions and supports flexible staffing arrangements. Advantages include adaptable licensing options and simplified software deployment for all Maptek applications in a single location.

Maptek Account also provides the gateway to an advanced extension toolkit that expands the capabilities of Maptek applications. With a Maptek Extend licence, customers can access packages and materials including the Workflow Editor, application programming interfaces (APIs) and software development kits (SDKs) in Python and C#/.NET.

Benefits for Users

  • Convenient access to licences anywhere, anytime
  • Streamlined licence provisioning
  • Fail-safe mode protects work during intermittent internet connectivity
  • No more hassles arising from lost dongles
  • Context-aware support for quick resolution of issues

Benefits for Businesses

  • Standardised licensing across sites and regions
  • Elimination of the need to trace dongles
  • Better management of software seat allocation and usage
  • Unified software download and distribution
  • Customised spans for licence borrowing and inactivity timeouts

Self-register for free

  • Standardisation on applications and online licensing is a key benefit for modern mining operations
  • Maptek Account licensing embraces the work from anywhere model for ultimate accessibility
  • Maptek Account offers improved reporting and tracking for technical support cases