Forge - March 2021

As we look back on our four decades in business, we’re reminded of the exciting innovation opportunities for the future! We owe our achievement to a mining community motivated by excellence, innovation and improvement. We hope you enjoy this issue of Forge.

Survey keeps airport project on track

Maptek mine measurement technology helps ensure bulk earthworks meet design for the Western Sydney International Airport.

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Enhanced drillhole planning

The first stage of a transformational development for drillhole planning complements the drillhole optimiser and is now available to Maptek customers.

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Measuring plan conformance

Maptek has tailored an automated approach to measuring mine compliance that allows engineers more time to analyse results and make timely decisions.

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Maptek 40-year celebration

The Maptek philosophy is to keep our customers’ needs first and foremost – aiming for your success is the motivation behind four decades of innovation.

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Improve with real-time material tracking

Consistently delivering a correct blend, and keeping track of inventory and quality at all stages of production are universal challenges.

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Leveraging integrated solutions

Mining professionals today have less time available and need to be more productive with that time. The collaboration between Maptek and PETRA adds value to their work.

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Harnessing deposit complexity

Machine learning techniques use all data sources for geological modelling, enhancing the understanding of complex deposits and improving decision making.

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Solution Spotlight: Model merging

Vulcan 2021 introduces two new applications to address a common request for combining multiple models into a single multi-resolution surface.

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University partnerships

Online platforms have continued to provide access to workshops and courses for customers and students in all geographic locations.

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