Forge - September 2020

As we plan each issue of Forge we’re reminded of the valuable contribution our staff, customers and partners make to improving industry outcomes. This quarter we feature stories on integration, digitalisation, innovation and effective implementation of our solutions across the globe.

Survey joy at greenfields gold mine

Gruyere Gold Mine is increasing productivity and safety by adding Maptek laser scanning and stability monitoring to its technology mix.

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Digital explosives inventory management

Proper tracking and handling of explosives is crucial to mine safety and efficiency, and going digital is key to ensuring operational improvement.

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Unlocking complex resources

Maptek applies advanced techniques to provide practical solutions to mining challenges, reducing uncertainty around long term mine scheduling.

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2020 vision for the future

With almost 4 decades of commitment to technology research and development, Maptek continues to deliver practical solutions that add value to mines.

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Uncertainty in domain modelling

Maptek DomainMCF models include a measure of uncertainty, which can be used to make informed decisions and compliant resource statements.

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New, improved Sentry systems

Sentry FMS is ideal for quick deployment to analyse potential movement in open pit, underground and tailings dam scenarios.

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University partnerships

Mining Engineering students at the State University of Minas Gerais in Brazil learnt about Maptek Vulcan mine planning tools.

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Technology vision

Engagement with industry ensures that Maptek product development meets customer needs.

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Community initiatives

Digital innovation, remote learning for school students and access to Maptek scholarships.

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