Laser Scanners

Heritage Applications Case Studies

Historic railway gets back on track

Modern survey technology has been applied to assess the safety of derelict railway tunnels and collect data for rehabilitation planning.

Rock art preservation in Kakadu

Maptek I-Site Studio software has been used for 3D reproduction of historical Aboriginal rock art at Kakadu National Park in Australia’s Northern Territory.

Recording St Kilda Island off Scotland

Maptek I-Site technology was used in the Scottish Ten project to scan the remote island of St Kilda, 100 miles off the west coast of Scotland in the North Atlantic.

Scanning Charleville WWII site for virtual tourism

Maptek I-Site is helping virtual tourism become a reality at Operation Charlie, breathing new life into Charleville’s historic airfield.

Scanning the Sydney Opera House

Maptek I-Site high performance laser survey technology proved its value during the recent Scottish Ten project to record the Sydney Opera House and its surrounds in 3D.

Serbian cave archaeology

Maptek I-Site Void software has been used to model 3D point cloud data of a series of caves in Serbia to allow archaeologists to map their discoveries.