Laser Scanners

Underground Applications Case Studies

Monitoring deformation underground

Maptek laser scanning hardware and software make it possible to track deformation of
underground workings at a gold mine in Canada.

Managing safety in limestone caves

Laser scanner and UAV geotechnical data is instrumental in identifying potential risk and managing visitor safety in limestone cave formations in Victoria, eastern Australia.

Safety and agility for mine development

Maptek laser scanning is promoting agility and adherence to mine planning at Mineração Caraíba SA.

Survey solution for safety offsets

Accurate mapping of the interface between underground and open pit operations with laser scanning provides detailed survey data.

Survey solution for underground

I-Site laser scanning handled a large underground survey project with ease, delivering timely, accurate data to guide limestone mining operations.

Accurate models aid ground support

Maptek I-Site Studio generates high resolution models for geological mapping and ground support quality control at a large mine in Utah.

Moving underground at Argyle

The I-Site laser scanner provides Argyle Diamond Mine with vital survey data for underground design as the open pit approaches the end of its life.

Survey data underground

Randgold Resources uses Maptek I-Site laser scanning technology for monthly reconciliation of underground workings and ore stockpiles at the Loulo mine in Mali.

Deep drift scanning

Maptek helped to collect data and generate a detailed geological model to assist with the design and planning of an underground laboratory in the former Homestake gold mine in South Dakota.

Surveying underground drives

The Maptek I-Site 8800 laser scanner obtains detailed 3D point cloud data from underground drives and stopes, allowing accurate models to be developed.

Total survey solution

Stockton Mine used the Maptek I-Site laser scanner to locate historic underground workings, allowing recovery of remaining reserves and improving safety.

Underground scanning best practice

Carmen Bajo in Chile uses Maptek I-Site laser scanning technology to survey surface topography, as well as model tunnel data for evaluating new ventures.