Laser Scanners

Geological & Highwall Mapping Case Studies

Highwall mapping for mine geology applications

User friendly systems and workflow allow surveyors to scan highwalls quickly and easily, capturing data at the same time as daily or end of month surveys.

Scanning the Pilbara

Atlas Iron has realised the benefits of using the Maptek I-Site 8800 laser scanner to acquire detailed topographic data for new mining projects in Western Australia.

Monitoring quarry highwall safety

Comparing surfaces surveyed at quarterly intervals allows quarry management to identify and mitigate safety issues arising from rock falls.

Scanning Glenwood Canyon

The Maptek I-Site 8800 laser scanner was used to scan and develop a 3D digital terrain model for monitoring canyon walls surrounding Colorado’s busy Interstate I-70 Highway.

Understanding shear zones

I-Site laser scanning helped AECOM to extract geotechnical information on shear zones in this quarry in southeastern Australia.

Analyse surface movement trends with Sentry

Hillgrove Resources found Sentry improved awareness of pit movement and helped plan remedial action, meeting mine safety objectives.

Coastal cliff survey

The Maptek I-Site 8800 laser scanner was used to scan the Victorian coastline near the Twelve Apostles for ongoing geotechnical studies of these natural formations.

Scanning Antarctic glaciers

The Maptek I-Site laser scanner was used to record the position of an Antarctic glacier to trial the potential of laser scanning for monitoring long-term glacier movement.

Defining structures at Esperanza

Geotechnical engineers used I-Site technology to define structural domains for the primary mineralisation of the Esperanza mine in Antofagasta.

Geology helps define road expansion

I-Site technology defined the geology and stability of cliff faces, helping a road construction company to plan a safe expansion project.

Slope stability analysis

I-Site Studio modelling and analysis tools helped provide an accurate geotechnical assessment of a large slope failure in a limestone quarry.

Geotechnical studies at Anglo American Coal

Maptek technology helps geotechnical engineers handle a range of mapping and analysis applications at Anglo American coal sites in Australia.

Data collection and analysis synergy

A copper mine in Mexico benefits from the combined expertise of specialist consultants for laser scanning and geotechnical analysis.

Tailings dam survey

Laser scanning and modelling tools provide a safe and reliable solution for mapping tailings dams to manage risk.

BHP improves efficiency at Saraji Mine

BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance used a Maptek I-Site laser scanning system to give a more accurate account of coal movement from the pit to the customer.