Dashboard delivers on data analytics

A coal mine in Queensland uses dynamic dashboards to display the latest drill and blast information to better inform planning, designs and scheduling.

Accounting for unplanned events

When a recent cloud service outage affected Maptek customers, technical services sprang into action to ensure everyone could continue working on key projects.

Environmental impacts of mining

Optimised scheduling combines with full life cycle analysis to quantify and reduce the environmental impacts of planned mines and monitor those in production.

Changing the way mining is done

In 2022 Maptek releases an enhanced ideology to provide a clear view of our purpose and beliefs, and the principles that guide them.

Digital rethinking

Digitalisation has changed the way drill and blast is perceived at one of Africa’s largest coal mines, leading to better recovery and improved safety.

Solution Spotlight

MaterialMRT real time tracking

Maptek can help deliver a better understanding of production performance across load and haul, stockpiling and plant processes.

Maptek rewards innovation

Maptek supports technological innovation in mining through industry awards and promotes opportunities for university graduates and interns.

Advanced geostatistics training

Maptek invests in the next generation of resource modellers and helps technical staff polish their skills by regularly hosting advanced geostatistical training.

Vale John Mossop

Maptek honours McGill University engineering educator with a donation to the university and graduates over the years share their memories.