Vale John Mossop

Maptek honours McGill University engineering educator with a donation to the university and graduates over the years share their memories.

John William Mossop

The mining community lost a brilliant educator, mentor and friend with the passing of John William Mossop in 2021. His legacy lives on in McGill University students.

Maptek Engineer Delphine Quach was one such student who benefitted from his teaching, advice and generosity. She encouraged Maptek to honour Mossop for his unique contribution to the mining community, the university and his many students.

In response, a Maptek laser scanner was donated to the mining engineering department at McGill, for use in the field and classroom to give students real-world survey and geotechnical experience.

Students will also have access to Maptek PointStudio software to process and analyse their point cloud data using the powerful geotechnical tools.

Maptek training sessions planned for 2022 with McGill mining engineering students will focus on getting the best results from these technologies.

Quach and the Maptek team hope this donation in Mossop’s honour will be a valuable learning tool for the current and future mining engineering students.

Several McGill graduates shared memories of their mentor.

Sean Grogan recalled how Mossop advocated for him during a difficult transition to university.

‘I went on to do a masters and I am in the middle of a PhD. If not for John, I would not have had the confidence to pursue a doctorate. I hope that someday I can advocate for someone the way John did for me.’

Doina Priscu and Caius Priscu shared memories of Mossop as a great lecturer and an avid volunteer.

‘Mining games, non-profit organisations, you name it, John volunteered for it. And who can forget working hard with him for the CIM Annual Conference in the mid ’90s in Montreal, with well over 5000 participants? Today, we still cherish his efforts, by sharing and giving back ourselves to the community that embraces us.’