How to access Vulcan GeologyCore

Vulcan GeologyCore is available to all customers as part of their GeoModeller and GeoStatModeller licences and as a standalone subscription package.

Existing Maptek customers with a Vulcan GeoModeller or GeoStatModeller licence under current maintenance can now start using the new Vulcan GeologyCore workflow.

The geological workflow is easy to use, taking you from data validation to model generation and leaving more time for analysis and interpretation.

Vulcan GeologyCore provides access to cutting-edge modelling techniques using cloud-based machine learning algorithms, while also allowing conventional approaches such as multi-domain vein modelling and implicit modelling.

Choose the option below that relates to your licensing method to download Vulcan GeologyCore today!

Choose the option below that relates to your licensing method to download Vulcan GeologyCore today!

Existing Vulcan GeoModeller and GeoStatModeller Customers

Maptek Account licensing

If you have already transitioned your Vulcan licences to Maptek Account then you can access Vulcan GeologyCore with your GeoModeller or GeoStatModeller entitlement from the Maptek Account License Manager.

Check out the Simplify your Modelling Process video series and online help to find out more and get started.

We’re here to help. Contact Maptek Support if you have any questions.

Dongle-based licensing

You can access Vulcan GeologyCore by registering for a free Maptek Account, even if your other licences have not yet transitioned.

Once you register and log in to your Maptek Account, you can select a Vulcan GeologyCore entitlement from the License Administrator.

You can open Vulcan GeologyCore through the icon on the Maptek Workbench or within Vulcan under the Geology menu option

Be sure to check out the online help to find out more and get started.

Vulcan users with other Modeller licences and new Maptek customers


Vulcan GeologyCore is available as a standalone product, providing tools for validation, domaining and model generation.

Contact us to find out how to access the standalone product.

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