Maptek 40 years - Innovation meets tradition

Eduardo Coloma.

Eduardo Coloma
Maptek CEO

In 2021 Maptek turns 40!

From a small office offering geological database and plotting services, our company has grown to a global technology business with more than 20,000 users spanning 90 countries.

We owe this success to our people and our customers. Maptek staff are motivated by excellence, innovation and improvement.

Maptek customers belong to a global community committed to improving the mining industry. We maintain close relationships with them and encourage collaboration for the benefit of industry.

Our blend of long term experienced staff and fresh graduates makes for a vibrant corporate culture. Interns gain opportunities to learn from the best and to prove themselves. Our academic partnerships extend to universities throughout the world, fostering the uptake of software skills to ensure the success of the next generation of mining professionals.

To our customers and partners who have played a critical role in our success, thank you! Supporting you has been our greatest reward and we invite you to celebrate this milestone with us during 2021.

Read on to hear from our customers and our staff and please get in touch to share your Maptek story.


Dr Bob Johnson starts a company to develop desktop software for mining professionals.


Vulcan, the world’s first true 3D mining software, sold to Utah International in San Francisco.


Maptek releases I-Site Studio with 3D modelling and analysis tools to revolutionise mine survey.


Maptek launches first Australian-manufactured, mining-tough laser survey hardware system.


Industry collaboration leads to the BlastLogic blast quality and management solution.


Maptek launches the Sentry monitoring system, adding value to our laser-based imaging systems.


Maptek applies machine learning to domain modelling in a revolutionary advance for resource modelling.

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This program has been a lighthouse to my understanding of resource modelling and efficient mine planning. It has been essential in my team's capstone project at the University of Alberta.

Austen Gibb

We are happy to be part of the Maptek journey and your 40 year celebrations. It is a proud achievement to serve the industry with such a long tenure. We have noticed many satisfied clients in India who are using Maptek mining solutions. The Maptek journey is one of combined team efforts and deserves well wishes from satisfied customers across globe. Best wishes from Aimil Ltd, India.

Hitesh Patel

Uso el vulcan desde el 1997. Es un software muy amigable e interactivo. Me ha permitido trabajar en diseños de minas a cielo abierto como subterráneas, diseño de caminos, botaderos. Planificación. Los cuales han sido aplicado en la gran minería. Nota 10 para los inventores y a los que hemos aportado. Estoy fascinado.

Miguel Reyes

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Hear from our founder


Empowering mining professionals by giving them the technology they need to work efficiently has underpinned the success of Maptek for 40 years.

Founder Dr Bob Johnson reflects on our journey, which has evolved from developer of desktop modelling tools to mining technology provider with products spanning mining types, commodities and applications.

Dr Johnson remains excited about the experimentation cycle Maptek will experience in the next 5 years that will guide the intelligent, automated technologies to support the mining operations of the future.

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Hear from our customers and partners

Customers are the centre of everything we do at Maptek and we are pleased to share their stories here.

Jared Broome.

For Perilya Geology Superintendent Jared Broome Maptek is the place he goes to get the resources he needs to do his geology and mineral resources estimation work.

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Alison McQuillan.

An opportune meeting 10 years ago sparked a working relationship between Alison McQuillan and Maptek that is still going strong.

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Tony Morgan.

Senior Surveyor Tony Morgan has a long standing association with Maptek and its staff. This valued relationship has even resulted in a popular Maptek figure gaining a new nickname.

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Richard Brehaut.

Maptek solutions play an important part in helping Richard Brehaut and PSM’s civil construction clients move from traditional 2D methods into the 3D world.

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Meet our people

Maptek staff are the backbone of our company. They are committed, energetic and enthusiastic about helping customers to solve their daily challenges.

Linh Nguyen.

Vulcan software developer Linh Nguyen found her new home in Australia and at Maptek soon after arriving from Vietnam.

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Peter Iannella and Richard Buckley.

BlastLogic Team Leader Peter Iannella joined Maptek after winning a university scholarship backed by the company. He says investing in education is a key pillar of Maptek’s success.

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Carrie Davidson

Geologist Carrie Davidson enjoys the Maptek team culture and learning about different mineralisation and cultural diversity through her customer relationships.

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Rahul Suhane.

Mining Engineer Rahul Suhane believes a company with the experience and history of Maptek embracing the mindset and agility of young, entrepreneurial operations will do wonders for mining.

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